High Quality Medical Device Translations

For over 40 years we have been the trusted provider of medical device translation services to leading manufacturers.

Medical translation is a key consideration for any company with global ambitions, so trusted medical device translation services are essential. International regulations stipulate that key documentation relating to medical devices must be translated in order for products to be sold in different territories across the globe. Our ISO certified processes, coupled with expert translators and Account Managers with subject matter expertise, mean you can be sure that your medical translation will be handled by a company with extensive experience in medical device translation services and a sound understanding of the industry.

Our specialist medical translators have experience of providing medical translation for a variety of medical devices, using specialist medical glossaries and established guidelines and directives in their work. Given the nature of medical devices, it is imperative that medical translations are accurate and clear to ensure optimum safety. Good medical device translations are also key to ensure that products are well received by the target audience and that product sales meet expectations.

Why trust us with your Medical Device translations?

Specialist Medical Device Translators

We only ever use translators who are fully-qualified and who have a wealth of experience in medical translation. All our medical device translators are carefully chosen to work on each account or project based on their linguistic and technical skills, experience in the area of specialisation and up-to-date knowledge of directives and regulations.


In addition to only using the best translators for our medical translations, we also have a full ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certification, so you have an added guarantee that our rigorous quality processes are in place to maintain complete accuracy in each and every medical translation we deliver.

Translation Memory Technology

Our Translation Memory tools store your preferred terminology and completed translations in a secure location, allowing our linguists to translate your content in line with your expectations. Furthermore, the technology allows processes to be streamlined for duplicate and similar product-related content which may appear in future documentation, reducing turnaround times and enabling substantial costs savings to be passed on to you.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Our in-house DTP team are on-hand to make sure your translated labelling, IFUs and packaging inserts mirror the original versions and are ready to print as soon as you receive them. Employing their expertise means you can avoid the risk of human error in copying and pasting the translations into design layouts, and can be confident that your foreign language documentation will be clearly understood by medical practitioners and patients.


Our Medical Device Translation Process

  1. Receive the document: You send us the document/s for translation in a variety of methods, including secure file transfer.
  2. Translation Memory: We analyse the document against our Translation Memory database to see whether there is any previously translated content or repeated phrasing, both of which will be translated automatically saving you time and money.
  3. Translation and review: Our expert translators get to work translating the document/s, with draft translations reviewed for accuracy and suitability.
  4. Quality assurance and delivery: Before delivery, the translation undergoes our strict quality assurance process.


Medical Device Translation FAQs

What does medical device translation entail?

Medical device translation is the translation of documents and other materials in the medical industry from their source language to one or more target languages. This translation allows individuals and organisations in the medical industry to effectively communicate with each other and with patients and clients in the context of medical devices, leading to proper understanding and safe use. The types of documents and materials that might be translated include:

  • Medical device manuals
  • Marketing material
  • IFU
  • Video content
  • Software
  • Product specifications

Medical devices underpin sophisticated and life-changing interventions in the medical industry, and are associated with complex design, trial, and review processes. Accurate and consistent translation is of paramount importance when these activities take place across different linguistic regions, as legal or patient safety issues can arise from inaccuracies. Given the high stakes, there are strict regulations in place: medical device translation ensures that all parties involved with the design, testing, installation and use of such devices have access to clear and accurate information.

What are the benefits of medical device translation services?

Medical device translation services allow businesses in this industry to expand their reach, increasing the geographical regions in which their devices can be used. This is beneficial from the perspective of patient health and wellbeing, as well as in terms of potential revenue.

High quality translations also correlate to improved patient safety, as all parties involved in designing and testing medical devices are able to communicate effectively and with minimised risk of misunderstandings. For example, in situations where a medical device company needs to communicate with buyers in regions outside their usual areas of operation, or where doctors and patients need to understand how a particular device should be operated, relying on the translations provided.

The medical devices industry is already beholden to strict legislation, and operating within and between different regions expands the amount of laws that must be adhered to. Without an effective means of translating and understanding these laws, the risk of non-compliance increases, as does the risk of incurring associated penalties.

How much do medical device translation services cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, because the amount we charge for each project depends on the details and scope of the project, and the specific needs of the customer. Some of the factors we take into account are as follows:

  • The type of materials required for translation
  • Their complexity
  • The combined word count
  • The source and target language(s)
  • The required turnaround time

To find out what you might pay for medical device translation services, please fill in our contact form. We’ll review the information you provide and put together a bespoke, no obligation quote for your perusal. From here you can ask us any questions about the project and the pricing, and decide whether you’re happy to move forward.

We’re also proud to pass on savings for repeat projects, as our translation memory becomes increasingly sophisticated. This process allows our translators to create a repository of translated words and phrases that come up frequently in your projects, reducing the time required to translate them in future. The associated time savings are passed on to you as reduced rates.

Why is there a need for medical device translation?

Healthcare is by nature a global industry, and better communication between medical device manufacturers, healthcare providers, patients and other parties leads to better patient outcomes. Allowing healthcare providers and patients to understand how your devices work, how to use them, and so on means that they are able to be of use to a greater number of people over a wider geographical spread.

In short, medical device translation brings down some of the barriers standing between your devices and the people who need them.

What are medical device translation requirements?

Medical device translation requires translators with high levels of relevant industry expertise, in addition to their linguistic expertise. They need to have relevant qualifications and experience to understand the context of the devices in question, and to enable accurate translation.

The scope for human error also needs to be removed from the process. Our desktop publishing (DTP) capabilities mean that we can deliver translations in a ready to print format, reducing the potential for human error to crop or otherwise edit crucial parts of translated documents between delivery and printing.

The highest levels of precision are required, too: we hold a ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certification, giving you peace of mind that this precision sits at the heart of our processes.

Medical Device documents we can translate

  • Operation Manuals
  • Instructions For Use (IFU)
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Software Strings
  • Packaging Inserts/Labels
  • Patent translations
  • Assessment Procedures
  • Declarations of Conformity
  • Catalogue translations
  • Marketing translations
  • Customer Training Materials
  • Manufacturing Process Descriptions

Our Recent Projects

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