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For over 35 years, industry leaders in the biotech sector have come to us for clear, accurate and dependable biotech translations.

Key medical discoveries in the biotech industry now have a wider impact than ever before, meaning biotech translations are essential for companies wishing to operate internationally. The global marketplace for new products is thriving, thus fueling the need for specialist biotech translation services. No matter what stage a product is in – research and development, clinical trials, regulatory submissions, manufacturing, or marketing and sales– accurate biotech translations and communications are essential for success.

Having a qualified biotech translation partner is crucial if you want to ensure approved biotech translations that allow you to reach and develop new markets. Our biotech translation services help biotech companies achieve these goals by combining accuracy and speed when managing delivery of multiple languages within tight timescales, using technology to streamline processes and maintain competitive pricing.

Why trust us with your Biotech translations?


We understand that you need to be able to rely on having precise and error-free biotech translations to register and launch your biotech products overseas. This is why we only use specialist biotech translators who have a thorough understanding of the format and terminology requirements of your target territories. Our translators, who are experienced in producing biotech translations, follow industry guidelines and templates, as well as using standardised dictionaries and terminology in their work. Their expertise combined with our rigorous quality assurance processes mean you will always receive biotech translations of the highest calibre which you can confidently use to support your products around the world.

Data security and confidentiality

Our stringent security processes, which are GDPR compliant, ensure that your content is only seen by authorised parties who have signed strict NDAs. Data storage and file transfer are also tightly controlled to protect the integrity of your agreements and products.

Terminology Management

Our specialist translation tools securely store your preferred terminology and completed biotech translations, allowing our linguists to draw on this bank of existing content to ensure any new biotech translations are consistent with your preferences. Approved industry terminology lists can be added to ensure that language is accurate and market appropriate. This approach means duplicate and similar content can simply be re-used where appropriate, instead of being translated again- thus reducing time to market and allowing you to make cost savings across your business.

Customer service

With over 40 years of business behind us, servicing some of the leading names in the biotech industry, we have the experience to make your biotech translation project a success, no matter how complex or large the requirement. With both ISO-approved workflows and dedicated Account Managers, we deliver biotech translation projects quickly and smoothly from start to finish. With close communication before, during and after the project, we proactively take all the steps necessary to meet your requirements and exceed your customer service expectations.


Our Biotech Translations Process

  1. Receive the document: You send us the document/s for translation in a variety of methods, including secure file transfer.
  2. Translation Memory: We analyse the document against our Translation Memory database to see whether there is any previously translated content or repeated phrasing, both of which will be translated automatically saving you time and money.
  3. Translation and review: Our expert translators get to work translating the document/s, with draft translations reviewed for accuracy and suitability.
  4. Quality assurance and delivery: Before delivery, the translation undergoes our strict quality assurance process.


Biotech Translations FAQs

What is biotech translation?

Biotech translation is the translation of documents and materials in the biotech industry. This is undertaken by specialists with extensive knowledge and experience in the biotech industry, as well as high levels of linguistic proficiency in the source and target language(s). Biotech translation can refer to the translation of documents like research papers, patent applications, clinical study reports, and so on.

With the biotech industry operating globally and connecting together researchers, developers, businesses, and medical professionals all over the world, the need for accurate translation is paramount. Effective communication allows for knowledge to be shared, enabling higher levels of international cooperation. It also allows biotech businesses to develop and promote their products around the world, and to ensure full adherence to all necessary rules and regulations.

What are the benefits of biotech translation?

The goals of biotech are diverse and impactful: from combating diseases, feeding global populations, reducing energy demands, making energy consumption more efficient, to name but a few. Biotech translation facilitates effective communication, making it easier for companies to carry out research, develop technologies, comply with international legislation, and promote their products around the world.

Biotech translation ensures that everyone in the development and application chain – whether they be a researcher, a marketer, a director or end user – can engage with the materials they require in their native language. This expedites the process by allowing for greater comprehension, meaning more and better biotech advancements can be brought to market to benefit global society.

How much do biotech translation services cost?

Each biotech translation project is different, with the scope and complexity having a bearing on the price you’ll pay. To find out how much you’ll pay for biotech translation, please fill in our contact form. One of our team will review your project and put together a no-obligation quote for your perusal. You can then ask us questions about our process and the project before deciding whether to move forward.

Some of the factors that determine the price you’ll pay for biotech translation include:

  • The type of materials requiring translation
  • The complexity of the materials
  • The deadline
  • The source and target language(s)

We are also proud to offer reduced rates on future projects thanks to our translation memory processes. Here, we build a database of terms and phrases associated with your businesses as we translate. This means that future translators can tap into these already-translated strings, speeding up the translation process and passing these savings onto you.

What is an example of biotech translation?

One example of a biotech translation project would be the translation of a patent application for some new technology. This would require high levels of linguistic proficiency to achieve an accurate translation, as well as detailed knowledge of the patent law in all relevant jurisdictions. Working to these stringent criteria while protecting the integrity of the intellectual property requires far more sophisticated translation expertise and processes than an amateur could deliver, demonstrating the importance of working with specialists who have suitable processes in place.

Pertinent to the example above are our data security processes, which ensure that your biotech translations will not be shared with anyone but those who need to have access, only shared within secure locations.  This, combined with our ISO accreditations around data security, ensure you have full peace of mind that your project – whatever it is – will be treated with utmost respect.

How do translators grasp the nuances of the biotech industry?

To ensure a level of experience suited to the projects they undertake, we only work with translators who have demonstrable educational or professional experience in their industry. For biotech, this would be industry experience, advanced degrees, or similar. Where necessary, we can provide translators who have specialised training in areas relevant to the project at hand.

Our translators pride themselves on keeping abreast of the latest industry developments, giving them an up-to-date understanding of the wider context in which the project exists.


Biotech documents we can translate

  • Lab Reports
  • Informed Consent Forms (ICFs)
  • Labels and Packaging Inserts
  • Summary of Product Characteristics
  • Patient Information Leaflets (PiL) translations
  • Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)
  • Instructions for Use (IFUs) translations
  • Clinical Trial Agreements (CTAs)
  • Serious Adverse Event Reports (SAEs)
  • Informed Consent Forms translations
  • Registration Dossiers
  • Contracts
  • Marketing translations
  • E-learning translations

Our Recent Projects

We’re a trusted translation provider for many leading global brands as well as smaller businesses.

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  • Translation & subtitling of internal communications in 5 languages for a client in the food & drink sector.
  • Software Translations for an online payment system into over 50 languages.
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