Oxford Products

Multilingual product information for manufacturer of motorcycle and bicycle products

Established in 1973, Oxford Products is a leading global supplier of motorcycle and bicycle products. Their huge range of products which are designed in-house, encompasses everything from clothing and helmets to accessories, hard parts, locks, luggage and much more! Their products are distributed through around 100 partners worldwide, with a wholly owned US subsidiary.

The Translation People has been working with Oxford Products since 2015 translating product information and user guides into 12 European languages and Japanese. Translation memory technology which allows existing translations to be recycled, is used to maintain consistency and improve translation costs. The Translation People complete work on a monthly basis for Oxford Products, with quick turnarounds required to meet their international schedules.

“With their high standard of service, The Translation People allow us to react quickly to packaging projects ensuring our products get to market quickly and our message is conveyed clearly in all languages. Alongside the quality of the translations, their account managers are attentive to detail and quick to respond to any queries, ensuring the smooth running and successful delivery of all projects.”

Graphic Design Manager at Oxford Products

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