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More efficient, accurate website translation with a Translation Management System

The translation industry is constantly evolving and technology plays an extremely important role in this growth. While it is unlikely that software will ever replace human translators, it can be used effectively to co-ordinate their work more efficiently. It automates many stages of the process as well as facilitating the storage and reuse of previously translated materials.

At The Translation People we are always looking for new technologies that can assist us in improving the service we provide. One of our clients who takes advantage of our technology expertise is an American manufacturer and retailer who specialise in luxury items including watches, leather goods and bikes.

The Challenge

Like all successful retailers, our client’s website is constantly updated with new products and promotions. Manually managing the translation of so much new and everchanging content can be time-consuming, expensive and potentially very risky in terms of accuracy and consistency. Websites aren’t static. They change and grow all the time and a successful retailer needs an efficient, cost-effective solution to manage the translation process, especially when dealing with multiple languages.

The Solution

With the help of The Translation People, our client invested in a web-based Translation Management System, locked into their existing architecture, which allows them to automate many of the time-consuming processes involved in translation. By storing multilingual content centrally and reusing previous translations, companies can benefit from lower costs and quicker turnarounds. The Translation Memory function of the system allows preferred style and terminology to be maintained no matter who is translating the content, offering flexibility in the use of translators while maintaining the same level of quality. The solution also enables linguists to see translated content in situ, avoiding potential space constraints or queries relating to what the products look like, both of which could cause delays in the translation process.

Time zone delays are also minimised as translators are directly notified as soon as new content is available for translation. This means that content can be made available by the client at the end of the day in one time zone and then translated and finalised before they wake up the next morning! After translation, client approval of the content is only a click away, and the translation can be published without any need for manual integration by the web team.

The Result

By considerably reducing translation turnaround times, our client’s translated content is published to foreign language sites as soon as is humanly possible, which has been key to their success in overseas markets.

Content is updated and added to their site on a daily basis and by building a memory of translated content, the time required for the whole process is greatly reduced, with the resulting cost also dropping significantly. The technology, coupled with a professional translation service, also allows our client to be assured that their message comes across consistently on all pages of their site and that translations are of the highest quality possible.

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