Ad hoc/Liaison Interpreting

The Translation People, understand the importance of conveying your message accurately and effectively, regardless of the size of your audience. We have an established track record in providing ad hoc/liaison interpreters for a diverse range of situations.

Our interpreters are all professionally qualified and bound by our confidentiality agreement. Through our network of interpreters we can cover a broad spectrum of specialist subjects including, but not limited to:

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Medical and pharmaceuticals
  • Social care

We have supplied interpreters to prestigious events such as the UEFA cup final in 2008, where we offered round the clock assistance to Russian fans visiting Manchester. However, we place the same value on providing quality interpreting services for any occasion, however large or small.

What is Ad Hoc interpreting?

“Ad hoc interpreting” is something of an umbrella term covering many different forms of interpreting. Generally, ad-hoc interpreting is used in less formal situations where a conversation is taking place between just two people, for example at hospital visits, solicitors’ appointments or small business meetings. This is also known as “liaison interpreting”.

Although both are referred to as ad hoc interpreting, the role of a professional ad hoc interpreter in a business setting should not be confused with how the term is used in medical circles. Often medical professionals will use the term ad hoc interpreter to describe a member of the patient’s family or a member of staff who speaks both source and target languages but is not professionally trained medical interpreter.

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