Workflow Automation through 24/7 Portal

portal-24Safety-critical press releases, real-time risk intelligence, time-sensitive tenders: urgent requests have fuelled the demand for a 24/7 service, and here at The Translation People we have both the infrastructure and technology to make this a reality. Our international offices and global network of professional linguists span several time zones, but it is our forward-thinking technology, coupled with our global network of translators where we come into our own. We offer the ultimate tailored and timely response to your urgent requests, with linguists working within the realms of our 24/7 portal, integrating the latest advances in workflow automation to provide quality and speed that you can rely on. Removing barriers is at the heart of what we do, and our readiness to embrace technology has put us at the forefront of expectations and recommendations alike when it comes to providing a round-the-clock service.


  • Bypasses inboxes for urgent requests, sending projects directly to translators as soon as they are submitted, meaning reduced admin for you and less idle time for your documents
  • Offers dependable, tailored and automated workflows to reduce the possibility of human delay
  • Seamlessly incorporates agreed price lists into an automatic quote tool to ensure any necessary accompanying information is included in the process
  • Company-specific Translation Memories and glossaries save additional time and ensure consistency


  • Removes time zone barriers, so even if you aren’t in the same country as one of our offices, we can be sure to process your requests efficiently and effectively
  • Combines reliable automation and our global supplier network for a reliable service which can be tailored to your requirements, day or night
  • Caters to even demanding deadlines, with accompanying shared Translation Memories and glossaries ensuring quality and consistency
  • Offers a user-friendly, scalable solution requiring no software installation whatsoever

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