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In the technical arena, quality documentation is everything. It ensures accurate materials, boosts productivity, maintains your reputation, and increases sales. Our technical authoring services uphold all the unrelenting quality standards of our translation services to elevate your communications and capture global audiences.

Whether our authors are writing a document from scratch, updating material in line with regulatory developments or breathing new life into old literature, you can expect each and every project to be backed by thorough research, a strongly-structured approach, and an expert command of language. Drawing on over 40 years’ experience, professional technical authors and a keen eye for industry developments enables us to deliver specialist documentation you can trust.

Why Choose The Translation People?

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Industry knowledge: our expert authors have specialist technical knowledge and authoring experience, without exception. They couple a genuine industry interest with a deep understanding of products and services to represent your business through technical documentation of unparalleled detail and clarity.

Quality: our famously smooth project management is quality assured to rigorous ISO 9001:2008 standards and complements our technical authoring services perfectly. Our authors’ methodical, factual approach and innate linguistic ability enables them to present often highly complex technical concepts in a clear, concise manner for reliably informative materials which can be easily understood.

Regulatory awareness: we are acutely aware of technical terminology and recognised regulations, directives, and specifications within particular industries, such as ATA 100, AECMA 1000D and 2000D. Consistently adhering to technical guidelines and implementing controlled languages like Simplified English not only eliminates ambiguity, but creates compliant content and avoids costly mistakes.

Adaptability: although formulaic in our technical authoring, we are famously flexible in our approach to your project and let your requirements determine our solution. Our technical writers work in almost every conceivable language and can work remotely or on-site depending on your preferences. Wherever their location, they collaborate closely with your in-house experts and our technical illustrators for effective and integrated end results.

Experience: having worked with technical companies from sectors as diverse as aerospace and defence through to electronics and mining, we have been trusted to author hundreds of technical documents and over the course of 40 years have built a fiercely loyal client base and a strong, reliable reputation.

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