Multilingual SEO


Multilingual SEO is a key element in global digital marketing strategies and is a key complement to website translation to ensure maximum visibility of your translated website. In addition, studies repeatedly show that website visits generated by Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) achieve better conversion rates than other digital lead sources[1], so why give your multilingual SEO strategy anything less than the full attention it deserves? To rank highly and drive increased, relevant traffic to your foreign language website, quality website localisation needs to be complemented by quality multilingual SEO. We offer clients comprehensive, hassle-free, scalable solutions to do exactly that, as well as market and competitor analysis and PPC campaign localisation. The result is a seamlessly localised website with optimum impact.

Why Choose The Translation People?

Technical aspects

Scalable solutions: whether it is your first time looking at multilingual SEO or whether you are experienced with foreign language SEO campaigns, The Translation People have the dedication, focus, and expertise to provide long-term, scalable solutions, including continual reviews and revisions of your international SEO efforts to keep pace with rapid industry developments.

Localisation advice: thanks to years of experience across varying sectors, our multilingual SEO specialists know that there are a number of factors at play when establishing an international online presence. They are on hand to guide you through the localisation of official page titles, in-country link building, and to give advice on local social media usage.

Highly-specialised approach: to guarantee maximum exposure in your

target countries, our tightly-targeted localisation approach covers all aspects with the care and attention that so many global companies have come to expect from us, from working with specialist in-country SEO linguists to conducting extensive research and testing phases.

Market and competitor analysis: our native, in-country linguists tap into the mindset of your target market to find the decisions driving their search and buying behaviour, and accurately reflect these in your SEO. This doesn’t just cover long-tail and short-tail keyword research, but also scouring chat forums and competitors’ sites to build an accurate picture of the existing local market and its needs.

Alternative search engines: for your target consumers to easily find your website, your multilingual SEO strategy needs to consider not just what they search but where. Whilst Google and Yahoo seemingly saturate the search engine market, alternatives such as Baidu, Naver, and Yandex dominate in international territories. Building authority on search engines relevant to your target market will ensure the best possible search results and optimum ROI for your overseas efforts.

PPC and organic SEO capabilities: establishing a reputable multilingual website that consistently ranks highly in search results takes a careful combination of PPC and organic SEO. Our experts can handle all aspects of your strategy, from seamless integration of localised keywords into your website content to the creation of compelling foreign language PPC campaigns. Our rounded capabilities ensure higher click-through rates and improved ROI.

Keyword localisation: the cornerstone of successful multilingual SEO, we provide a service above and beyond mere translation for keywords. Our professional linguists conduct rigorous in-country research to ascertain which keywords are being used in the target market, adapting terms both culturally and linguistically to ensure traffic is high in volume and relevance.