Multilingual SEO


Multilingual SEO optimises your foreign language websites on local search engines.

Translating your corporate website is merely the first step to establishing your company’s online presence overseas. Simply translating your site or a selection of pages is in itself no guarantee that you will rank highly on search engines and attract the right clients to your site. The terms multilingual SEO or web and SEO localisation refer to precisely this process: taking the translation process one step further in order to ensure maximum exposure in your target countries.

As with all online marketing, it is essential to complement the actual content of your site with an understanding of what search phrases your target clients use and where they are searching for them. The first stage in the SEO localisation process is therefore to conduct in-country market research to ascertain which keywords and terms are searched upon by your overseas prospects in your particular industry. It is important to remember that these will not necessarily be a translation of your source language keyword and phrases, but maybe completely new terms that might not even have an equivalent in your own language! The localised keywords and phrases will therefore be different according to the country you are targeting, but will ensure that your website is ranked for what people actually search on in your target country and not what they would search on in the UK.

Once this list has been drawn up, the next stage is to optimise your website to include these keywords/phrases, which will improve your positioning on organic search engine listings. We will then advise you on the best search engines to focus on: although Google and Yahoo are the most popular in Western Europe and the United States, in other territories, such as Russia and China, other search engines are the most popular. With the right search engines and the right keywords/phrases, you will obtain the best ROI for your overseas efforts. There may also be translation involved in creating compelling foreign language PPC adverts to really make the most of your online advertising and ensure a higher rate of clickthroughs when your company does actually appear in listings.

There are a number of other factors to bear in mind, such as different social media in different countries, in-country link building and the different preferences of search engines in different countries regarding where the site is hosted, but we will offer you guidance and help every step of the way.

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