Translation Memory and Terminology

tmSpeed, cost and quality don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Our Translation Memory technology offers you the best of all three by utilising repeated and similar content to your benefit. Your individual and secure Translation Memories are used to store and reuse previously translated material and incorporate multilingual glossary functions to deliver high quality translations and first-rate terminology which are consistent across the board. The powerful tool functions under the expert guidance of specialist linguists to deliver reduced costs, increased consistency and the ability to seamlessly process complex file formats – for translations which are guaranteed to impress.  


  • Translation Memories save human input as linguists produce translations in line with contextual prompts and clients’ preferences
  • Ability to analyse documents quickly to ascertain levels of repetition throughout the content and against your own Translation Memory
  • Provides glossary tools with company terminology which can be edited by clients
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing company glossaries, allowing pre-approved terms to be uploaded



  • Ensures productivity gains and improved turnaround times within the translation process
  • Cuts the cost of translation and ensures consistency by utilising past translations and exploiting internal and cross-file repetitions
  • Effortlessly manipulates complex file formats for an enhanced workflow and no risk of code corruption: coding, artwork and authoring packages pose no problem as translatable text is easily isolated and extracted
  • Encourages client collaboration for tailored on-brand translations and accurate, expert terminology


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