Translation Management System

tmsHere at The Translation People we understand that it’s not uncommon for clients to want to know what is happening behind the scenes or to increase their control of the translation process. That’s why we’re one of a select number of Language Service Providers offering a Translation Management System to our clients, allowing them to steer their own translation projects and even select their own preferred linguists. Whether you want a centralised overview of projects and to manage your individual Translation Memories or glossaries, check on a job’s progress, calculate the costs or assign your own in-house resources to the project, we can open this process up to you. An indispensable tool, our Translation Management System offers innumerable benefits and allows increased control over the entire localisation process.

Our system is available in 3 different modules, covering the following features: instant quote requests, 24/7 availability, validator review tool, full project management capability and control of TMs and glossaries.


  • Hosted on a secure, cloud-based platform for complete peace of mind
  • Gives a clear, concise and real-time overview of all projects and their progress
  • Ability to control and share Translation Memories and Term Bases
  • Allows you to select your own translators and use your own internal or preferred external resources
  • Functions with APIs and connectors so that it can seamlessly connect to third party systems



  • Varying levels of accessibility can be granted, accounting for and respecting the different roles and departments within a client’s account
  • Ensures accurate version control by centralising the work of all resources on a single cloud-based platform
  • Enables you to view and modify your projects, adding to translators’ expertise by bringing your insider industry knowledge to the table
  • Requires no software installation whatsoever, and the user interface is effective, effortless and intuitive
  • Free training provided by The Translation People, to guarantee you’re using the System to make full use of all the features and benefits available

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