Public Sector Translation Services

public-sector-translation-servicesThe public sector isn’t quite like other sectors, so we provide specialist translators who really understand it.

The public sector is a vast and complex area of work, and that’s why we provide our public sector clients with specialist translators who’ve already worked on projects within this arena. The results speak for themselves: clear, accurate and engaging translations that help organisations to really connect with their audiences, whoever that audience might be. What’s more, our certification to ISO 9001:2008 reflects our commitment to quality management systems, and it’s one more guarantee of projects delivered smoothly and effectively in even the most challenging circumstances.

Our public sector clients include a huge range of government departments and organisations, every one of them requiring superb finished work carried out within budget. Over the years we’ve fulfilled projects for the NHS and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office as well as for the government’s legal and criminal justice services. Our work has included everything from multi-lingual transcriptions and document translation for public information literature right through to professional interpreting services provided in sometimes stressful circumstances.

Our experience includes working with people from different ethnic, religious and cultural groups and backgrounds, always using insight and sensitivity to provide a thoroughly professional service. What’s more, we’re able to work in almost every major world language and with source material provided in every media, format or software program: just one more testimony to the scale and flexibility of our skills and resources.

Document Translation

A key service at the heart of the business, our document translation is carried out with the skill and attention to detail that underpins our reputation. Our professional translators work to the very highest standards on all types of document, from manuals, contracts and technical specs through to product brochures and company press releases.

Document Translation Services

Multilingual DTP

Our highly skilled DTP team can typeset your foreign languages into a wide range of software for both Mac and PC platforms, as well as typesetting our finished work back into your original artwork so it looks like the original.

Multilingual DTP Services


Effective interpreting is crucial for conveying meaning quickly and accurately. Our talented interpreters have at least 5 years’ experience as well as the attitude and mindset that makes them an asset to your event and a credit to your brand. As part of our comprehensive service we offer the five main types of interpreting: ad-hoc, consecutive, simultaneous, telephone and chuchotage or ‘whispered’ interpreting.

Interpreting Services

Multilingual Transcription
Our multilingual transcription service is carried out quickly and expertly by specialists in this field. Working with all formats including CD, DVD, MP3, MOV and Wav, we’re able to produce transcripts with detail and nuance whatever the subject area. Our project management skills mean we always deliver on time and within budget, regardless of the job’s nature or scale.

Multilingual Transcription Services

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