Defence Translation Services


Defence is a serious subject and a complex sector, so it’s only natural that clients within defence should demand specialist translators with knowledge of the industry. At The Translation People we provide exactly that: highly skilled and experienced language specialists who already understand the issues, culture and terminology of the defence sector, and who always produce work that shows it. We’re also certified to ISO 9001:2008, and that means we’ve got the quality management systems to make sure our translation projects run quickly, smoothly and always to plan.

Our portfolio includes translation work undertaken for major players in the defence industry, and covers formats and materials as diverse as software for defence systems and training simulators, marketing publications for international sales and tenders or bids for new business. Working on such a wide range of projects draws on our equally wide range of specialist services, embracing everything from conventional document translation through to technical authoring and highly specialised software localisation.

We know that clients expect more from our service than just high-quality end results. That’s why we also give them a single point of contact for seamless project management, as well as genuine flexibility like being able to work with documents in any media or software program. Lastly, because we’ve got the skills and expertise to work in almost any major world language, we make the perfect translation partner wherever your business takes you.

Document Translation

A key service at the heart of the business, our document translation is carried out with the skill and attention to detail that underpins our reputation. Our professional translators work to the very highest standards on all types of document, from manuals, contracts and technical specs through to product brochures and company press releases.

Document Translation Services

Technical Translation

Our 30-year track record means our technical translations are every bit as clear, detailed and effective as your project requires. From maintenance manuals and technical specs to comprehensive safety datasheets, we’ve got the skills to produce faultless work for any sector and in almost any world language.

Technical Translation Services

Multilingual DTP

Our highly skilled DTP team can typeset your foreign languages into a wide range of software for both Mac and PC platforms, as well as typesetting our finished work back into your original artwork so it looks like the original.

Multilingual DTP Services

Technical Authoring

If you’re serious about succeeding in today’s challenging global markets, it makes perfect sense to take every opportunity to gain an edge over your competitors. Our technical authoring services provide just such an opportunity by giving you the chance to elevate your communications and capture your audiences with superbly written technical documents.

Technical Authoring Services

Website Translation and Localisation

Our website and localisation service helps clients realise the full potential of their online presence and activity. Covering all aspect of this specialised discipline, we work with visible content as well as back-end code to create consistent and highly effective online communications that meet the exact needs of any target audience.

Website Translation & Localisation

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