Mining & Minerals Translation Services


There’s a whole world of technical issues and special terminology surrounding the mining and minerals industry, and we think our clients deserve translators who really understand it because they’re already familiar with it. That’s why we choose translators who’ve actually worked with clients from the mining sector: expert linguists whose work is clearer, more convincing and perfect for communicating with whatever nationality you need it to. And linguists who can meet the demands of an industry that works to tight schedules and often requires the shortest turnaround times.

On behalf of our global client base we’ve provided specialist mining translation services that have helped operations in places as far-flung as China and Burkina Faso, as well as focusing on equipment manufactures and the mining companies themselves.  Our translators have the industry knowledge and language expertise to produce everything from feasibility, hydro-geological and environmental impact studies right through to annual and design reports, marketing materials or bids & tenders.

Our clients also reap the rewards of working with a team that’s committed to client service, and that means responsive, trouble-free project management and superb finished work that’s always on time and on budget. And they definitely appreciate the fact that we’re able to translate in almost any language or from a huge range of software programs and media – it just makes us that bit more versatile and easy to work with.

Technical Translation

Our 30-year track record means our technical translations are every bit as clear, detailed and effective as your project requires. From maintenance manuals and technical specs to comprehensive safety datasheets, we’ve got the skills to produce faultless work for any sector and in almost any world language.

Technical Translation Services

Multilingual DTP

Our highly skilled DTP team can typeset your foreign languages into a wide range of software for both Mac and PC platforms, as well as typesetting our finished work back into your original artwork so it looks like the original.

Multilingual DTP Services

Website Translation and Localisation

Our website and localisation service helps clients realise the full potential of their online presence and activity. Covering all aspect of this specialised discipline, we work with visible content as well as back-end code to create consistent and highly effective online communications that meet the exact needs of any target audience.

Website Translation & Localisation

Machine Translation with Human Post Editing

For clients with non-critical projects, limited budgets or particularly large volumes of work, Machine Translation or Machine Translation with Human Post Editing is a logical alternative to human translation. Technology has evolved significantly in this area, and ours is a comprehensive service offering a variety of options to suit different projects and budgets.

Tender Translations

Our tender translation service enables clients to quickly determine in the first instance whether to participate in lucrative global tenders, which are generally in the language of the country of origin. Our professional translators then translate the tender response into the desired language, which, aside from almost always being a prerequisite, is certainly the best way to achieve success with tenders.

Tender Translation Services

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