Multimedia Translation Services

multimedia-translation-servicesOur specialist multimedia translators know your industry, and it shows.

At The Translation People, we understand that our clients in the multimedia industry expect quality translations that only someone who knows their industry can deliver. That’s why we provide those clients with expert linguists who’ve already got extensive experience of the sector.

From printed material, online presentations and video subtitling to professional voiceovers, our translation services specialists have multimedia expertise that gives their work its unmistakable clarity and authenticity. Today, our portfolio embraces multimedia work undertaken on behalf of satisfied clients from sectors as diverse as aerospace and energy through to pharmaceuticals and finance. Recent projects include Greek subtitling, Polish Macromedia Flash presentations, and voiceovers in French, German, Spanish and Italian for online training by a global telecommunications business.

And that’s not all. Because we use dedicated account managers for a single point of contact, our clients enjoy effective project management that’s smooth, integrated and leaves them free to get on with their everyday work. We also have our own in-house team of DTP professionals who can expertly work with a vast variety of DTP packages. What’s more, we’re able to translate almost any world language and in a huge range of software programs and media: just one more reason why we’re one step ahead of the competition.

Document Translation

A key service at the heart of the business, our document translation is carried out with the skill and attention to detail that underpins our reputation. Our professional translators work to the very highest standards on all types of document, from manuals, contracts and technical specs through to product brochures and company press releases.

Document Translation Services

Multilingual DTP

Our highly skilled DTP team can typeset your foreign languages into a wide range of software for both Mac and PC platforms, as well as typesetting our finished work back into your original artwork so it looks like the original.

Multilingual DTP Services

Website Translation and Localisation

Our website and localisation service helps clients realise the full potential of their online presence and activity. Covering all aspect of this specialised discipline, we work with visible content as well as back-end code to create consistent and highly effective online communications that meet the exact needs of any target audience.

Website Translation & Localisation

Subtitling and Voiceovers

Our professional voiceover artists lend your work unmistakable authenticity because they only work in their native language. As well as male and female artists representing most regions of the world, we can also provide the studio space and sound engineers to make your voiceovers perfect. Our subtitling team share the same professionalism and talent as our voiceover artists, and it shows in the quality of their finished work.

Subtitling and Voiceovers

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