Review Tool

review-toolTranslation often isn’t the end of the localisation workflow. Editing and review stages are a crucial component of many projects, especially for safety or business critical content where internal  company reviewers wish to adapt content to their local needs. At The Translation People we acknowledge the expertise of your company’s employees and in-house foreign language speakers. With our sophisticated Review Tool you can harness this expertise and ally it with our powerful technology for a lean editing experience where you can directly edit translations or glossaries. We provide access to a clean, easy-to-use interface on a secure, cloud-based platform, with translated content ready to review. You benefit from a fast, functional Review Tool which processes edits in real-time so that everyone is working from your latest updates.


  • Offers hands-on control of your translations by opening up Translation Memories and company glossaries for you to view and edit in real-time
  • Encourages an ever-improving process where output learns from edits, accompanied by a comment function which easily facilitates feedback for translators
  • Saves and displays edits in real-time, saving changes on the secure centralised platform for guaranteed version control and flawless consistency across the board
  • Previews the final document so you can view translations in context, guaranteeing reviews which are apt and accurate
  • Provides a secure cloud-based platform which means there’s no software installation, a set-up in next to no time and guaranteed access wherever you are, whenever you want


  • Enables you to take control of your translations, introducing company-specific terminology, abbreviations, acronyms and much more
  • Supports advanced filtering and segment searching for editing which is easy, efficient and effective
  • Invites your expertise into the process without bogging you down in the translation itself
  • Provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface which allows you to focus fully on the language and not the logistics of using the tool
  • Reduces email traffic and simultaneously provides you with a clear, concise overview of the editing journey of your documents, promoting document control in the process

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