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Free translations are carried out using translation tools such as Babel Fish, available on the internet. Accuracy is not guaranteed..

The Translation People accept no responsibility for any errors in free translations carried out on this page.

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How good are Free Translation Tools?

Free online translation tools can be useful to gain a vague understanding of foreign language websites, but the results can also be confusing. Should you just require a vague idea of the meaning of a couple of sentences Free Translation Tools can be useful. However, users should always exercise caution and be aware that even the free translation of one line can be misleading.

Words often have multiple meanings; this is true for all languages. When using a free translation tool to translate different German phrases including the word “match”, a word with multiple connotations, the potential problems soon become apparent:

German Correct English meaning Machine Translation
Heute abend haben wir ein Spiel This evening we have a match (football match) This evening we have a play (This could easily be misinterpreted to mean a theatrical play, without background knowledge it certainly does not imply football match.)
Die neue Tischdecke passt gut zum Teppich The new tablecloth goes really well with the carpet. (is a perfect match for the carpet) The new tischdecke fits well the carpet. (In this instance the translation tool has not found a translation for tablecloth and unless the user has knowledge of German this translation would be unhelpful.)
Sie sind ein Traumpaar They are a perfect match They are a pair of dreams. (This is simply wrong and very misleading)
Die Beschreibung des Opfers trifft auf ihn zu He matches the description the victim gave us. The description of the victim applies to it. (With context, perhaps the true meaning could be inferred from this machine translation, however, it is certainly not clear.)

Use free translations with care; bad machine translation does not only portray an unprofessional image, it could also convey the wrong message completely and cause unnecessary embarrassment. A good or bad translation could be the difference between winning that important deal and losing out to a better prepared competitor.

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Why Use The Translation People?

  • The Translation People’s language experts are professionally qualified linguists, with significant experience in their field. Our translators work only with subjects relevant to their qualifications and experience.
  • Free language translation could seem like a good way to stick to your budget, but using a human translator is the only way to ensure your message is conveyed correctly in your target language. Our translators are qualified and experienced and our translations are accurate, reflecting any nuances in the source text. Free translation tools are machines and are unable to pick up on these nuances.
  • Translations can be provided in any format including the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe FrameMaker, Quark XPress, Adobe PDF, Adobe Illustrator, InterLeaf and PageMaker.

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