Machine Translation with Post-Editing (MTPE)

machine-translationAs the technological landscape of the translation industry evolves in line with the demand for rapid and low-cost translation, Machine Translation with post-editing (MTPE) has emerged as a viable localisation solution for many. Its popularity isn’t without its sceptics, however, and that’s why The Translation People are committed to assessing your project needs carefully, offering the best MTPE solution and deploying it only when suitable.  Our Machine Translation (MT) tool produces reliable sector-specific content at a fraction of the cost of human translation, with raw machine translations saving up to 40% on human translation costs. The Translation People’s uniquely trained machine translation tool can process enormous amounts of material at exceptional speeds, whilst guaranteeing high quality by utilising a corpus of previously translated material and integrating with client-specific Translation Memories. MT alone can offer great results for comprehension purposes, whilst at the other end of the spectrum come texts that have been fully edited by a specialist Post-Editor after the MT process:  meticulous quality assurance checks guarantee style, whilst cultural considerations and readability are perfected before delivery. The machine’s advanced algorithmic ability together with the human touch of an experienced, professional and fully-trained Post Editor means that MT offers speed benefits which a human alone simply cannot rival.


  • Trained machines can be made available, to draw on company-specific reference material and material previously translated by linguists for guaranteed consistency, quality and reliability
  • Humans are not omitted from the translation process, assessing a document’s suitability for machine translation and lending an expert eye to the editing stage to ensure quality
  • Quickly processes sample pieces to assess suitability of source material for machine translation


  • Achieves tight deadlines, as high volume jobs are processed effortlessly and efficiently
  • Incorporates advanced learning capabilities which take edits into account, for ever-improving output tailored to your linguistic preferences
  • Delivers consistently high-quality and on-brand translations to exceptionally quick turnarounds thanks to its Translation Memory integration capabilities
  • Optional capability of working via a cloud-based platform to register edits in real time, enabling Post Editors to work collaboratively for quality, consistency and productivity gains

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