File processing and conversion

file-processing-and-conversionThe widespread use of content authoring and management systems means that the days of translators simply working in Microsoft Word are a thing of the past. Our file engineering expertise combines state of the art technology with the latest file processing software, skilfully administered by our specialist file engineers and translators, improving publication timescales and reducing time to market.

We can effortlessly process numerous file types, from Quark Xpress,InDesign and XML through to .xliff, .resx and YAML, integrating them with our Translation Memory and Terminology technology to offer you optimum quality, consistency and cost benefits. Our expertise covers protecting tags, text and source code so they remain unaltered during software translation, as well as exporting and importing website content in one seamless procedure. Rigorous testing and review of the translated content is also undertaken, giving you the peace of mind that your content will be delivered in exactly the same format and with exactly the same functionality as the original.


  • Countless file formats can be processed and integrated into our translation software (including but not limited to pdf, .idml, .html, XML, JSON, CSV, RESX and .NET assemblies)
  • The ability to hide strings or code during translation means we only edit what’s needed, guaranteeing functionality of translated content
  • Working with and returning files in their native format makes for an efficient, client-centred workflow, even with less common file formats


  • Flexible integration capabilities reduce intermediary stages and ensure all relevant content is processed for translation, whilst ensuring the functionality of content by protecting tags, strings and coding
  • Our ability to import and export text from artwork packages such as InDesign omits the need for laborious and potentially fragmented copy-paste exercises
  • Utmost efficiency throughout the workflow means you’ll leverage optimum turnaround times and cost savings, as well as reducing time to market
  • Extensive capabilities processing and converting files ensure a smooth translation process which yields linguistically and technically correct results
  • Linguistic testing can be arranged as part of the workflow, so you can be completely confident your content has the same impact and functionality as the original

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