CMS integration

cmsFor many businesses, a translation provider’s ability to integrate with content management systems and to produce efficient workflows is just as important as the quality of the translations they supply. This is where The Translation People’s translation integration technology comes into play. Our secure and seamless technology solutions allow us to work with numerous market-leading Content Management Systems, whether that’s your WordPress  website or your Drupal  eCommerce platform. New content and any subsequent additions can be automatically extracted and re-integrated after translation, ensuring that multilingual projects can be handled in the most efficient way with no extra administrative work for you. By bridging the gap between the CMS content and the translation workflow, you benefit from all the usual advantages including discounts for repeated content, guaranteed consistency of terminology and improved turnarounds. Our technology can process even right-to-left languages and promises complete compatibility, for a foreign language site that functions as perfectly as the original.


  • Locks tags, strings and coding, so there is no disturbance to the original site formatting during localisation
  • Automatically detects new content which is then exported for translation via a connector, ensuring your translated sites are always up-to-date with the original
  • Translated content can be reimported and saved for review, or published immediately for updated content without delay
  • Linguist testing available, so you can road test the functionality and user experience of your site before it goes to market


  • Eradicates the need for time-consuming manual integration, reducing time-to-market and eliminating the potential risk of omitting or duplicating information
  • Maintains source page formatting for an equally-impressive translated site, whilst also eliminating the need to spend any time on additional formatting
  • Works in harmony with Translation Memories and glossaries for cost savings, greater efficiency and unparalleled quality
  • Supports other scripts and right-to-left languages, so you can cater to every market imaginable

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