News | 13.09.2018

Learning and Development: without the language barrier

4 top tips for translating your e-learning content In today’s globalised world, companies are increasingly scrapping traditional employee training methods in favour of streamlined digital e-learning programmes which can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world. Despite these developments, providing the training in employees’ local languages is a crucial step which continues to be…

Learning and Development: without the language barrier

News | 15.06.2016

Brexit: a European Perspective

Just over a week before Britain votes yes or no to Brexit, it’s not only here in the UK where the debate rages on: continental Europe is weighing in and has plenty to say on the issue. As the countries at the heart of the European Union voice their opinions on the implications of Brexit,…

Brexit: a European Perspective

News | 22.09.2014

German-British Investment is Enormously Valuable

According to a survey by the German-British Chamber of Industry & Commerce, investment by German companies in the UK is not only thriving, but is also perceived as positive and advantageous. With around 120 German-owned companies contributing, the most recent element of the survey was conducted in November/December 2013 and those results were compared to…

German-British Investment is Enormously Valuable

Awards | 05.12.2013

Insider International Trade Awards 2013

The Translation People have been shortlisted in the Insider’s third annual North West International Trade Awards, which will take place tonight – 5th December, at the Lowry Hotel Manchester. The Translation People are in the Services category along with four other finalists: Services Air Energi NES Global Talent Aedas Architects The Translation People Freedom Logistics…

News | 05.11.2013

Bonfire night!

Remember, remember the fifth of November Gunpowder, treason and plot… Tonight is Great Britain’s Bonfire night, known as Guy Fawkes Night – but did you know about other Bonfire Nights around the world? In  South Africa along with many other Commonwealth countries, Bonfire night is also celebrated on the 5th November and is similar to…

News | 21.12.2012

A document translation at the dawn of modern day computing

What links modern computing capabilities with a piece of document translation carried out in the 1840s? You may have heard in the past couple of weeks, of Lady Ada Lovelace, whose name has been mentioned by several media outlets since the anniversary of her birth on December 10th 1815. While we are just three years…

News | 17.10.2012

Technical translation – a matter of life and death

British pharmaceuticals firms – particularly those which produce medicines for the US market – may need to consider having technical translation of their dosage instructions carried out in the years to come. That is because the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention, a non-profit standards-setting organisation whose opinions are used on a global basis, has raised concerns about…

Language focus | 08.10.2012

EU lacking in up-and-coming translators

The EU Commission is awash with languages. If the current trend is set to continue, however, it will become increasingly difficult to cope with the 23 official languages of the European Union. 2,500 translators and interpreters are already working flat out in order to process the ever increasing amount of draft legislation, case studies etc….

News | 29.09.2012

Oh, queridos amigos! The dangers of using Google Translate

A reputed newspaper in the U.S. wanted to impress its Spanish-speaking readers and publish Spanish translations of English articles on its website – unfortunately the results weren’t that positive thanks to Google Translate. The population in Hartford (Connecticut) has a high percentage of Spanish speakers. The Hartford Courant had therefore decided to publish its website…

News | 28.09.2012

– .-. .- -. … .-.. .- – .. — -. in morse code

Morse code is currently celebrating its 175th Anniversary; messages were first transmitted using the code in September 1837. Interestingly the now very familiar knock-code was apparently not developed by its namesake, but rather by Alfred Lewis Vail. The code, as Morse had invented it, worked at first like a seismograph: a pen, a piece of…

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