Meet the team

It's always good to put a face to a name, so here is a brief introduction to all The Translation People team:


Robert Bally - Account Manager

Robert Bally has been working for The Translation People since 1988 and is an Account Manager. Originally working in the retail trade, he started work on a temporary basis and is still here today. He has a fantastic memory for facts and figures and is often asked for advice on translators and to sort out formatting problems. As well as looking after his clients, he is also responsible for the office computers and accounts. Robert also knows loads of absolutely useless pieces of trivia, so if you need to know anything, he is the man to call.

In his spare time he likes the cinema, music, mostly of the heavy rock variety and quizzes.


Sam Bennett - Branch Manager

Sam Bennett, Branch Manager, can spot a misplaced comma at fifty paces which makes her ideal for a job where attention to detail is paramount.

Sam's love of languages began at an early age during exchange visits organised through school and her local swimming club, but after spending her year abroad teaching English to French teenagers in Bordeaux, Sam realised that a career in Education was not for her and began thinking of an alternative way to use her language skills in the workplace. On completing an MA in Modern Languages from the University of St Andrews, Sam moved back West and joined the translation world as Translation Coordinator for a major UK agency. Sam moved swiftly up the promotion ladder and now manages the highly successful Glasgow Team.

In her free-time (toddler son allowing), Sam loves to spend her time in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes and ingredients.


Alban Bilgorai - Marketing Assistant

Alban Bilgorai recently joined The Translation People, concentrating on the marketing function for the company's French office. His responsibility is to develop our image in France through communication and social media, while also increasing the client portfolio on the continent. Alban holds a Master's degree in International Business and, as well as his native French, speaks both English and Spanish. Before starting with The Translation People, Alban spent eight months living in Santiago de Compostela, Spain and also conducted a number of work placements including a 6-month stint at Swinton Insurance in Manchester. Alban has a Diploma in Sales & Marketing from the University of Tours and is extremely keen on travelling and discovering foreign cultures. He is also a passionate football fan and enjoys karting.


Christiane Bramburger - Account Manager

Christiane grew up in a German town on the border to Poland and realised at a young age the advantages of learning foreign languages, as people living just the other side of the river spoke a different native language.

She studied Literary Translation at the University of Dusseldorf with English and French being her majors. Her favourite spot to sit and read was on the sunny banks of the Rhine. After studying in Nantes (France) for one semester, she discovered her love for the rugged (and sometimes even sunny) coastal regions of England after staying with host families and in B&Bs.

During her studies, she gained first-hand practical experience in the translation industry as a project manager and has now joined The Translation People.


Gilles Comnène - Sales Manager

Gilles has been working in the translation industry for 23 years. After graduating in Russian Language and Literature at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, Gilles joined ALPNET in their Croydon office working as an Account Manager. There, he worked for the engineering team working on large technical accounts such as Rolls Royce.

Gilles continued in his role as Account Manager after Roevin Management Service's bought a number of ALPNET offices. He then switched roles to become Sales Manager, a role he has filled for the last seven years and continues to fill in the company's new incarnation as The Translation People.

Gilles uses his experience in the translation industry to bring new customers from all over the United Kingdom. These have been from a wide range of industries and include some now significant and long-standing clients.

Gilles lives in Edinburgh with his partner and four children.

Karen Hall

Karen Hall - Account Manager

Karen has always enjoyed studying and working with languages. After graduating in Hispanic Studies in 2004, Karen spent some time travelling in Europe and working in a variety of different industries before deciding on a career in the language industry. She then studied an MA in Applied Translation Studies. It was here that Karen was first introduced to the world of localisation project management and gained valuable experience of the wide array of computer-assisted translation tools used in the profession today. This led to her taking up the role of Project Co-ordinator for SDL in Maidenhead, where she managed projects for a diverse range of clients from online gaming to engineering. Before starting work with The Translation People in 2010, Karen also gained some valuable experience in the field of interpreting when she worked as Interpreting Co-ordinator for Scottish Refugee Council in Glasgow.

Most of Karen's free time at the moment is taken up spending time with her one year old son who keeps her very busy!.


Peter Hansen - Senior Production Specialist

Peter Hansen has been working for The Translation People since 1988 and heads up the European Desktop Publishing team. Originally from Denmark, Peter has been living and working in the UK for 21 years. He holds an MA degree in English translation and interpreting and a BA degree in German from the University of Aarhus, speaks Swedish and also has knowledge of Norwegian, French and Russian. An expert in Mac packages, including QuarkXPress, Illustrator, InDesign, FreeHand and Photoshop, it is Peter's responsibility to make sure that foreign language artwork matches the English layout exactly.


Steve Holden - Financial Controller

Steve joined the support function here at The Translation People in May 2008. With over 10 years of experience in finance roles, previously as a Financial Controller in the Hotel and Leisure industry, he has a keen interest in IT and has been responsible for the implementation of many new systems and controls to ensure the smooth processing of all financial information and reporting.

Steve has recently embarked on studying for the CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) qualification. He is also an integral part of the senior management team.


Louisa Matthews - Accounts Assistant

Having completed a degree in Hispanic Studies, Louisa spent her first post-graduate year as an optical assistant in her local independent opticians, as she had done alongside her studies throughout her university career. Although she formed some lasting friendships there, she decided that her talents and interests lay elsewhere. Louisa decided to follow up a year spent in Barcelona whilst at university with a stint in Valencia. On her return, she applied for a temporary role with The Translation People and was soon offered a full-time position. Although initially her time was split between project management and assisting the Financial Controller, when the opportunity to work permanently in accounts arose, she soon came to realise that an A-level in statistics and head for figures would fare her well.


Fiona McGhee - Senior Account Manager

After 5 years at university studying French with Hispanic Studies, Fiona worked for a well-known local Whisky Distillery as a multi-lingual tour guide giving daily tours to visitors. This experience has helped her no end when handling The Translation People's many whisky clients. She has intimate knowledge of the intricate workings of a distillery and understands the importance of ensuring everything is just right!

In her spare time Fiona loves nothing more than going for a walk (she walked the West Highland Way in July 2009 in aid of Motor Neurone's Disease) or hitting a few balls on the golf course and would love to play some courses throughout France and Spain, putting her language skills to good use!

JMcH photo for website

Jennifer McHarrie - Account Manager

Jennifer has been working for The Translation People since September 2011 as an Account Manager in the Glasgow office. She is a graduate of the University of Glasgow with an MA Joint Honours Degree in French & Hispanic Studies (awarded with distinction in Spoken Spanish and Portuguese). During her time at University, Jennifer spent a year working as an English Language Assistant in Santander, 4 months studying in Nice on the sunny Côte d'Azur as part of the ERASMUS programme and also 1 month in Lisbon.

Her language skills were put to good use while working at the Monaco Grand Prix in 2005 and also after graduation where she worked for a large Whisky company, exporting their products all over the world.

Jennifer also spent 2 years working in the public sector in a Business Development role and was involved in project work developing new qualifications for various Colleges. She is always keen to learn new languages, having attended a brief course in Polish and is currently learning Gaelic.


Tim Mowl - Technical Illustrator

Prior to joining Roevin Tim was a Design Draughtsman producing plant layouts of new and existing flour mills, hence his fondness for a crusty cob! A change of direction saw him retrain as a Technical Illustrator and after a few different contracts, including time living in Hamburg and Amsterdam with his family, he joined Roevin in 1996. At the time Roevin was a busy publications department employing 7-8 illustrators and 2 in-house technical authors. As time went by the emphasis of the business changed towards translation services and eventually became The Translation People. As the other illustrators left Tim hung in there, and is still an important part of the DTP team.

A couple of his illustration clients still remain and Tim has also had to develop his key skills to include foreign language DTP, Flash animation and Dreamweaver.


Gail Owen - Branch Manager

Gail joined The Translation People in April 2006, firstly as a Marketing Officer, she then became an Account Manager before being promoted to her current role of Branch Manager. She is responsible for a number of key accounts and also manages the development and update of The Translation People's website. Gail is passionate about Italy and all things Italian. She studied Italian and Spanish at Royal Holloway, London and has a BA Joint Honours Degree in Italian and Spanish. During her time at university, Gail spent 6 months studying in Cuba and a year and a half studying, working and travelling in Italy.

In her spare time, Gail enjoys running, cycling and triathlon and hopes to become fit enough to complete an IronMan Triathlon in the not too distant future.

Denise Sauer 1

Denise Sauer - Account Manager

Denise Sauer has been with The Translation People since March 2010. She completed her undergraduate studies in Würzburg, Germany, at the Würzburger Dolmetscherschule (school for translators and interpreters). She specialised in economics, with English being her first and Spanish her second foreign language. In 2008, after graduating as a certified translator and interpreter (German and English), she moved to Birmingham to start an MA course at Aston University. During her course, MA in Translation in a European Context, Denise studied theoretical concepts of translation amongst other subjects. The study of theoretical aspects aroused her interest in how translations can affect societies, which is also reflected in her MA dissertation, in which she analyses and describes the first English translation of Grimms' fairy tales and its effects on English children's literature in nineteenth century England.

Denise continues to study languages in her spare time. She has just started learning Greek and continues studying Spanish whenever she can. Apart from languages, her hobbies include skiing, running, salsa classes and travelling.


Jasmin Schneider - Operations Manager

Before graduating with an MA in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Heidelberg, Jasmin spent 9 months in Belgium and worked as a translator in Lisbon. With the degree in her pocket she moved to Frankfurt and earned her first serious work experience as a Project Manager for a large translation agency where she stayed for several years before jumping at the opportunity to switch to their branch in Paris. Finally, Jasmin decided that it was time to brush up her neglected English a bit and therefore moved to the UK where she joined The Translation People in 2005 as an Account Manager before being promoted to Branch Manager in 2007 and Operations Manager in 2010. Although the original plan was to move back to Paris after a year or two, she is now too much in love with the British countryside to actually consider leaving!


David Smallwood - Office Assistant

David joined The Translation People as an office assistant in May 2012 as part of an apprenticeship. He previously attended the University of Birmingham in 2009 where he studied Philosophy. He has a fascination with understanding how things work, particularly where IT is concerned, and often tests out new software in the office.

David spends much of his free time working on art and reading. As an amateur web designer, he is well versed in HTML 5, CSS 3 and basic JavaScript. He is currently studying programming in C++.

Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith - Administrative Assistant

Before joining us, Rachel worked for the Ministry of Defence for 17 years, followed by 4 years working for an engineering company as a sales and finance administrator. During her time with the MoD, she went on a 6 month secondment to Croatia to work for NATO, providing finance support for the armed forces.
Outside work, Rachel enjoys spending time with her 2 children, walking their dog, visiting North Wales, and cooking and baking. She also paints contemporary art on canvas for her own home and for family and friends.


Michael Trost - Account Manager

After he successfully completed a Master's degree in TESOL and Translation Studies at Aston University in Birmingham, Michael Trost joined our team as an Account Manager. In addition to English and his native German, Michael is also fluent in Spanish.

In his spare time, Michael is very involved in sports and trains three times a week. Furthermore, he is also a passionate cook and likes trying out recipes that he has come across during his many trips abroad.


Coleen Tumilty - Project Manager

Coleen had always planned to pursue a career in freelance translation; however she decided she would prefer to work in project management following the completion of a work placement with The Translation People in July 2011. She graduated from Heriot-Watt University in June 2012 with an MA Hons in Applied Languages and Translation with French and Spanish. As part of her studies, Coleen spent 6 months studying in the translation and interpreting institution of UMONS in Belgium (one of the best in Europe) and also in the University of Alicante where she was able to try her hand at dubbing and subtitling courses.

During her spare time Coleen volunteers as a Brownie leader and enjoys participating in classes at her local gym.


Alan White - Business Development Manager

After graduating from the University of the West of England in 1995, Alan spent a number of years working abroad in France and Spain, latterly as a translator for a Barcelona based translation agency. On returning to the UK, Alan first worked as a freelance translator before joining The Translation People (or Roevin as it was then) in 2001. As the Manchester branch was the most recent office to open and started from very humble beginnings, Alan has dealt with the majority of the Manchester office's clients at one point or another.

In his spare time, Alan plays 6-a-side football on a regular basis and golf when he can, as well as looking after his 6-year-old son (whose football team he also coaches), playing guitar and taking a keen interest in photography and cookery!

 Morgan Wilde

Morgan Wilde - Website and Recruitment Specialist

Morgan Wilde joined The Translation People in November 2010. He studied law at Lancaster University and originally started with the company as an office assistant before moving into project management then to website and recruitment.

He has been a keen fencer for most of his life and has also taken up kendo in recent years. In his spare time enjoys sparring with both sabre and shinai.


Natasha Williams - Key Account Manager

After graduating in 2005 with a degree in German Studies and having a year spent studying literature and linguistics in Vienna, Natasha returned to Austria to work for a leading German holiday company located in Tyrol, where she spent every minute out of the office on skis. Leaving the mountains behind her, she then spent six months backpacking in South America before returning to academia and completing a postgraduate course in translation. Natasha took advantage of a work placement offered by The Translation People as part of the course and enjoyed it so much that she joined the team on a full-time basis in 2008.